Rehope Market is dependent on individuals who are as passionate as we are about supporting the work of Restoration House in ending sex trafficking in the Kansas City area. Our volunteer staff community is made up of people from all walks of life and experience levels and we welcome anyone with the time and the heart to serve. If you are passionate about the cause and would like to help make a difference, we are looking for volunteer staff assistance in collecting donations, preparing the clothing for sale, and social media/communications support. We are happy to work with all skill sets, experience levels, and time constraints. We are just excited for the potential of you joining us in establishing this new venture!

Another way to make a big impact if you are in the Kansas City area is by hosting a clothing donation drive with your church, organization, or workplace. We will provide you with the tools and communication you need to spread the word! Contact our office at for more information.

FAQ about Volunteering


How can I volunteer with Rehope Market or Restoration House?

We have many volunteer opportunities with both organizations! Please contact Rehope Market at (email) and Restoration House at (email) to find out more.

Do you have any paid positions?

We are run primarily by volunteer staff at this time, but check back as we grow!

Where do volunteers work?

Volunteers work at our offices for processing and shipping of donations and orders, but we also have volunteers who work from home on the tech side and drivers who pick up product from drop off locations in Kansas City.

What is the time commitment required for volunteers?

It varies depending upon the position, but we ask that regular volunteers commit to once a month. This is negotiable.

Is there any training required?

There is an orientation meeting with the volunteer coordinator prior to the first shift. There is also a quarterly volunteer breakfast that is encouraged, but not required, for ongoing education and updates to information.

Is there a dress code for volunteers?

There is not a requirement, but we recommend comfortable clothing that can be layered for ease of movement and closed toe shoes.

Can volunteers pick items to purchase first?

Every item we sell must go through the online sale process, but if a volunteer finds a “must have” they are able to tag it and be contacted when it is ready to purchase online.

Is it safe to volunteer?

Yes. Our building is secure and volunteers will not be scheduled to work alone.

I cannot lift heavy items, is there a job for me?

Yes. There is a job for every possible skill set! Simply let the volunteer coordinator know at the time of orientation and we will assign you accordingly!

I cannot stand for long periods of time, is there a job for me?

Yes. Much of our processing work can be done sitting or standing.

Can I bring my child with me to volunteer?

Yes! We love volunteers of all ages. We do ask that any volunteer be able to work independently alongside you. Feel free to reach out to our volunteer coordinator with questions!

I have a lot of allergies? Do I have to touch the clothing?

We use all eco-friendly, hypoallergenic processes for our laundering and also provide gloves for volunteer use.